The futures pedagogy – open the door and go out!

When the whole body and all of the senses are involved, the knowledge becomes tangible and concrete. When knowledge is tied to ones own experience, preferably together with others, it becomes meaningful and easier to remember.
Based on this, and a conviction on the "outdoor rooms" opportunities for strengthening the knowledge of Swedish, English, Mathematics and technology, the
company OutdoorTeaching Förlag AB was founded.
The companys books are intended for pupils in preschool activities and pupils up to compulsory schools ninth class. Titles published by the publishing firm are:
• Learning Swedish Outdoors
• Learning Outdoors All Year Round
• Learning Technology Outdoors
• Play and Learn Mathematics Outdoors
• Go Out and Count with the Woods
Through a business transaction, these titles have been transferred from Alla tiders förlag. The reason was to make it easier for you, all pedagogues, by gathering
outdoors pedagogical textbooks in one place. Here there is also more information about the books, including filmed sequences.

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