Learning Swedish Outdoors

Target group: SWEDISH FORM F-9
Authors: Robert Lättman-Masch, Mats Wejdmark, Ammi Wohlin, Eva Persson, Stina Lindblad, Helene Grantz, Birgitta Sang.
Language: Swedish
Learning Swedish Outdoors is intended for pedagogues from form F-9 who want to work with Swedish lessons in the outdoors, where fantasy and the desire to create is developed.

In various environments, the pupils train their ability to express thoughts and feelings, take part in conversations, reflect and make oral presentations, at the same time as the linguistic experiences are reworked, structured and documented.

Contact with nature and the use of language provide insights into the importance of participating in democratic processes for a sustainable world. In over 200 pages, this book gives you suggestions and inspiration for lessons, exercises and activities, so you can step outdoors easily with lessons in Swedish.

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