Play and Learn Mathematics Outdoors

Target group: PRESCHOOL
Authors: Kajsa Molander, Mats Wejdmark, Robert Lättman-Masch, Torsten Kellander, Gerd Strandberg, Mia Bucht
Language: English
Mathematics is so much more than just figures and numbers on a piece of paper. With preschool children, it is eminently suitable to work with language, fundamental concepts, sorting and patterns outside and in the form of play.
Play and Learn Mathematics Outdoors in Preschool contains a collection of exercises that playfully put this into practise, which are suitable for the preschool yard or in the nearest woodland grove. The book has 120 pages and activity cards are included.
• From the content: 
• Grouping games
• Bags with secrets
• Treasure hunt
• Motor skills track
• Math workshop on the playground
• Themes – the worm, the magpie, the squirrel
• Activity cards

Now you can buy the book as an E-book.

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