Learning Outdoors All Year Round:

Authors: Mats Wejdmark, Robert Lättman-Masch
Language: Swedish

The book Learning Outdoors All Year Round, with over 300 pages, describes howto work outdoors with children and pupils during all the seasons of the year withreferences to the syllabuses central content in Lgr 11.

It is divided into different themes focusing on the natural sciences, but with linksto other subjects and proposals for activities in these areas. The book is intendedfor form F – 9 and there are links to the syllabuses objectives in each chapter.
Thebook describes in concrete terms how a day outdoors can be organised with bothpreparatory and supplementary work.Each chapter is accompanied by a large number of different outdoor activities, whichare described by explanatory photographs.
Several factual sections help the teachergather information about, for example, the different strategies animals and plantshave for surviving the winter and the different groups of insects and spiders to befound in Sweden.

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