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Play and learn mathematics outdoors

Ages: 2-8
Authors: Kajsa Molander, Mats Wejdmark, Robert Lättman-Masch, Torsten Kellander, Gerd Strandberg, Mia Bucht

Mathematics is so much more than figures and numbers on a piece of paper. With the pre-school children it is perfectly suitable to work with the language, basic terms, grouping and patterns – outdoors and in games. The book contains a number of exercises that playfully train this. The exercises are adapted to the playground at the pre-school or in the nearest grove. Many of the exercises are also suitable for children in the early school years.

• From the content: 
• Grouping games
• Bags with secrets
• Treasure hunt
• Motor skills track
• Math workshop on the playground
• Themes – the worm, the magpie, the squirrel
• Activity cards


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ArticleNr: 978-91-979600-1-4

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